• Lawn Aeration in Byron Center

    Lawn Aeration includes going around your entire lawn and pulling out 2-3 inch plugs of dirt. The soil plugs that are pulled out will be left on top of your lawn. These soil plugs will still have valuable nutrients in them, and it is best to let the rain and other environmental events break down these plugs and return the nutrients to the existing soil. We recommend that you water your lawn a day before we come to aerate so your soil is moist enough to pull deep plugs from your lawn. Timmer Lawn and Snow normally aerates in the fall before the grass is dormant. Aeration helps your lawn in a few different ways.

    First, this service allows your grass to grow deeper roots because it increases the oxygen level as well as the ability for water and fertilize to get to your lawns roots. Secondly, aeration reduces soil compaction. Do you have kids that play in your yard? Every step they take is compacting the soil and aeration will relieve this compaction. Thirdly, does your lawn have excessive thatch? Some thatch is necessary but if aeration will help take some of this thatch away, which will allow water and nutrients to get to your lawn roots easier.

    How can I tell if my lawns need aeration?

    Sticking a screw driver in your lawn is a good way to tell if your lawn needs aeration. If there is any resistance when your try to stick the screwdriver in your lawn, your lawn needs aeration. If there is no compaction and it slides right through, it will not be beneficial for your lawn. Timmer Lawn and Snow recommends that those with clay soil aerate their lawn each year. If you have 100% sandy soil, there is no reason for aeration. Many lawns in Byron Center have clay soil. However, before you hire us for aeration service, be sure what type of soil you have.

    Aeration is a beneficial service that can help a lawn look beautiful and keep it healthy. However, it is important to remember that aeration is only part of the process to have a healthy and beautiful lawn. Weekly mowing, fertilizing, and consistent watering are all needed to see the positive effects of aeration. 

    Our Work

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