• Fertilizer & Weed Control in Byron Center

    Like any other living organism, grass requires nutrients on a regular basis. Fertilizer serves as an important component to maintaining a thick, green lawn. In a climate like Byron Center, MI, a 5-step fertilizer and broad leaf weed control program is recommended. Here, a slow release fertilizer assures your lawn is fed throughout the growing season. In addition to fertilizer, broad leaf weed control is applied to your lawn, providing a necessary level of protection against the presence of weeds in your lawn.

    Utilizing a licensed professional is recommended like Timmer Lawn and Snow when applying a broad leaf weed control program is highly recommended. The state of Michigan requires that all commercial applicators are licensed. Not only does this mean that a higher level of education and training is required to apply fertilizer and weed control, but licensed applicators have access to professional grade products not found in your local home improvement store.

     Five Application Fertilizer and Weed Control Plan

    Round 1 (April): The first application includes a granular slow-release spring fertilizer with a low amount of nitrogen and crabgrass preventative. This will green up the lawn and prevent crabgrass from germinating.

    Round 2 (May): The second application includes a granular slow-release fertilizer that has a high percentage of nitrogen and small amount of potassium to help your lawn receive the nutrients it needs to make it into summer. We also spot-spray weeds with herbicide during this application.

    Round 3 (June/July): The third application includes a granular slow-release fertilizer for steady feeding during the summer months. We spot-treat any weeds we see. If you sign up for grub control we will also apply merit during this application.

    Round 4 (August/September): The fourth application includes a granular slow-release fertilizer that is high in nitrogen to help your lawn come back from the summer drought, and we will also spot spray weeds.

    Round 5 (September/October): The fifth application includes a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and high in potassium. This is the most important application of the season, and will help winterize your lawn and prepare it for the following year. This is also the best time to spray weeds, so we apply a broad leaf herbicide to kill any perennial weeds so they do not show up next year.

    How we are different:

    1. We only use the right products for your lawn, and do not try to sell you useless services like other fertilizing companies.
    2. We use the highest quality products available. We use slow-release premium fertilizer that provides your lawn with time-released feeding. This results in an evenly growing lawn and a healthy green color consistent through your whole lawn.
    3. After each treatment we will be sure to close all gates, blow off the fertilizer on all paved surfaces, and will leave information of what we applied on your door.
    Our Work

    At Timmer Lawn and Snow, we believe our work speaks for itself. Check out pictures of a few of our current customer's lawns!