• Lawn Mowing

    Lawn Mowing in Byron Center

    Timmer Lawn and Snow provides lawn mowing services to Byron Center, Wyoming, and Caledonia. We offer both weekly and biweekly mowing service and use the proper mowing techniques to help you maintain a healthy lawn.

    What to expect from our mowing service

    A lawn mowing technician from Timmer Lawn and Snow will come to your home with state-of-the-art mowing equipment. He will first check your lawn for any toys, newspapers, or any other objects in the lawn, so he does not ride over them. Next, the lawn mowing technician will start mowing your lawn at a height of around 3.25 inches. In Byron Center, it’s best to mow between 3.25 and 3.5 inches on a weekly basis. A healthy root system is the foundation for a beautiful lawn. Deeper roots provide increased access to moisture and nutrients your grass needs in order to thrive in a Michigan climate. The technician will make sure to mow your lawn in an opposite direction, and will double cut the lawn if there is excessive growth.

    When the technician is done mowing your lawn, he will trim around all obstacles including flowerbeds, trees, and anything that he is not able to get close to with his mower. Thirdly, he will edge all paved surfaces including driveways or sidewalks. Finally, he will blow off all paved surfaces and any landscape beds that have grass in them.

    Unless specifically requested, we do not bag your grass. Bagging grass takes away important nutrients that are beneficial for your soil. If grass clippings are visible, the technician will blow them around with a blower until they are hidden. These grass clippings will break down quickly and make there way back into the soil. If you want your grass clippings bagged, we can do so for an extra cost.

    Some precautions we take with lawn mowing

    • We have master chutes on all our mowers that allow us to be sure that we are not blowing grass into your landscape beds, and helps us prevent from shooting rocks or tennis balls through your window.
    • We keep an eye out for children and pets that may be outside while we are mowing. We ask that you keep all pets and children inside while we are mowing.


    Our Work

    At Timmer Lawn and Snow, we believe our work speaks for itself. Check out pictures of a few of our current customer's lawns!